Disability Insurance

Disability insurance covers your lost income during time off spent to deal with a disability. Provincial health plans will help cover costs of the medical bills, but it does not replace any lost income over the period. With help from our expert advisors, we can help you find the best rate and plan for your situation.

Here are the main benefits of our disability plans:

  • Flexible – plans offer a range of premium and benefits options to suit your, business, income level, and other factors
  • Fills Coverage Gap – ┬áPension plans and their disability benefits can be more restrictive or limited
  • Return To Work – Plans that help you get back to work that include rehabilitation, job retraining, and more
  • Portable – Obtain a plan that goes with you. Many employer-sponsored plans end if you leave your job. Ensure you have coverage no matter what.

Contact our disability insurance professionals and see what plan works best for your situation.

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