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Make sure you have coverage for your personal and family health needs. With health insurance, you have coverage for medical emergencies and the cost of rising drug and dental expenses. It does not matter what stage of your life you’re in, health insurance can help ease the burden of health-related costs. Our team of insurance experts and insurance partners have been protecting Canadians and their families from the risk of financial costs, providing coverage for everyday health and medical emergency expenses.

Health Plans

Personal Health Coverage

The Personal Health Coverage plans we offer are a simple and affordable way to protect the medical needs of yourself and your family. There is a growing list of health care costs and expenses that are often not covered by provincial health care. Our Personal Health Insurance Plans are designed and personalized to meet your unique needs. We implement proactive, comprehensive, and basic plans that provide additional coverage. We make sure our clients can find and get a plan tailored to their lifestyle and medical needs. Contact us today for more information on the personal health plan.


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Replacement Health Coverage

We offer flexible and comprehensive Replacement Health Coverage plans that are an affordable way to get medical insurance and remain protected from the high cost of health care expenses. Replacement Health Coverage Plans are designed to provide individuals who are no longer covered/insured by an employers plan health plan. Replacement coverage plans have a variety of options that offer varying benefits, the plan is designed to accommodate the needs of our clients providing replacement coverage during the transition periods of life. Contact us today with questions or to sign up for a replacement coverage plan.


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