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Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. is a benefits management company. Puhl Employee Benefits prides itself on a friendly and holistic approach to managing employer and personal benefits. Since 1986 the Puhl team has been specializing in providing high-quality flexible benefits, insurance programs and wealth management choices. As brokers, Puhl has access to a variety of insurance and fund companies in Canada!


Specializing in flexible group benefits and wealth management programs the team at Puhl Employee Benefits help employers and individuals create specific focus to attain their unique financial and insurance needs. At Puhl, our overriding philosophy is to provide programs and benefits that provide individuals with the coverage they need when they need it. Puhl Employee Benefits handles top associations benefit plans, Provincial and Federal.
Your-Benefits.ca was created so individuals who are employed by small businesses or own small businesses can get the health and travel benefits they need when they need them. As a benefits management company, we aid individuals and organizations to attain and manage the benefits they need. If and when you are looking for travel coverage or individual health benefits contact the benefits team today.

Associations we work with and sponsor

We work with businesses and associations helping them with their employee benefits and insurance programs.

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself while you travel with travel insurance. Travel insurance is designed to cover losses that occur from unforeseen circumstances that happen while traveling. We offer travel insurance for a single trip, prolonged vacations or multiple trips, we can help you find the travel plan that is best suited for your needs.

Visitor To Canada

We provide visitor to Canada coverage and insurance for tourists and immigrants. If you are in Canada visiting family or immigrating here for full-time residency we can implement an insurance program that covers the cost of emergency treatment and care you need while in Canada. Our insurance programs take care of your emergency medical needs so you can enjoy your time in Canada with a little less stress.

Health Insurance

We offer personal health insurance plans and replacement health coverage for individuals who are self-employed or recently unemployed. With unexpected health issues and emergencies, it is a necessity to have coverage for the unforeseeable incidents. If you require health coverage/insurance contact Puhl and the Your-Benefits.ca team.

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