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Who We Are is a branch of Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. we work with a number of organizations, employers, and individuals to set up and maintain insurance programs for groups, travel, and health benefits. Our years of industry experience has provided us with numerous resources and access to the country’s leading insurance programs. Use our knowledge and experience to set up an insurance program that is tailored to your unique needs.

Get The Benefits You Need provide individuals and groups with comprehensive and flexible coverage. We provide health benefits for personal coverage, family coverage, and replacement health coverage. Our health plans ensure emergency medical expenses that are not covered by provincial care. also provides travel insurance plans and immigrant/visitor to Canada insurance that covers the costly medical expenses while traveling or visiting Canada.


209, 2577 Bridlecrest Way SW,
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 5J4


Phone:         (403) 221-9300
Toll Free:   1 (888) 508-0077
Fax:              (403) 221-9309


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